• Syniti Data Replicator: Data Replication and Change Data Capture solutions need to support key business needs such as real-time decisioning, operational effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Exponential growth of data, global business expansion, and multi-database environments require solutions that are flexible, easyToUse, and can be implemented quickly....

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    PowerBuilder CloudPro (Universal Edition)Subscription per developer per yearPowerScript ProjectsC# Projects PowerServer Projects Support & Updates

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    Omnis Studio Developer Partner Program Renewal annual fee : ODPP (Omnis Developer Partner Program, include: N.1 Omnis Studio Professional license and 1 year of full upgrade/update. For further information contact us. Omnis Studio is a powerful development environment that lets you deploy apps to virtually any device, on any platform, including tablets,...

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  • SAP Crystal Reports 2016 WIN INTL NUL - Govt, Non-Profit, Education : Offri ai tuoi progettisti di report e ai tipici utenti aziendali un modo semplice per creare report dalle formattazioni elaborate- utilizzando i dati provenienti da qualsiasi fonte.

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