About us


Software Products Italia (SOFTPI) started its operations in 1990 as Value Added Distributor (VAD) in the Italian and European ICT market, offering a portfolio of leading database, development environments and tools, reporting, business intelligence, storage management systems solutions and products.

Moreover, SOFTPI supplies professional certified services related to distributed products and open source technologies (technical support, DBA activities, software development, training and project startup).

Our Partners

SOFTPI teams up with Partners in the ICT business channel, with an open, collaborative and pro-active perspective, supporting them with marketing and co-marketing campaigns and building flexible, long term relationships. SOFTPI partners with well-known software vendors to provide customers the perfect balance between solutions and budget, often offering training as well.


SOFTPI deploys its activities on the Italian and European territory, with offices in Florence, Milan, Rome and Salamanca, (Spain).

Value Distributor

  • Tiger Logic: Omnis Studio (Enterprise, Web, Mobile Apps Development)
  • Hit Software: DBMoto CDC, drivers ODBC/JDBC/OLEDB/.Net per DB2-AS/400, Allora
  • SAP Crystal Solutions: Crystal Server Analytics Edition, Crystal Report, Dashboard Design etc.
  • SAP Analytics: BusinessObjects Suite Edge Platform, Data Services, IQ etc.
  • SAP Database and Technologies: Adaptive Server Enterprise, SQL Anywhere, IQ, PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, etc.
  • SAP Mobility: Afaria (MDM)
  • SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM/ADL
  • APPEON: Web & Mobile PowerBuilder porting tool
  • ARCSERVE BackupL
  • Embarcadero: DBArtisan, ERStudio, DB Optimizer, Rapid SQL, Change Manager etc.
  • Netronic: Gantt, Scheduler etc.
  • N-Able: MSP Platform
  • Novalys, Enable: Visual Expert, Visual Guard libraries; Multi-language Enablement Tool for PowerBuilder
  • Spectra Logic tape libraries
  • iSHERIFF multilayer security

Service for Partners



  • DataBase Administration, Replication, Tuning: Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server;
  • System Administration: Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX, Linux, AS/400 Replication;
  • Project Management and Startup, Functional Analysis, Technological Analysis;
  • Metodologies: UML, E/R;
  • Development: Java, JSP, Ajax, JavaScript, C, C++, .NET, PHP, Cobol, SQL, PL/SQl, T/SQL, PowerBuilder, Omnis Studio, Delphi, Perl, XML, VB, .NET;
  • Open Source Technologies Specializations: Asterisk, Penthao, Weka, Linux, Open Office;
  • Enterprise Project Management Knowledge and Expertises: Finance, Large and Mid retailer, DataMining, Government Securities Management, Sales Force Mobile Automation;
  • Training on each and every Distributed Products, on Programming Languages and Open Source Technologies.